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Buy SMS Diary

When you buy the SMS Diary application, then you will receive a registration code with which you can unlock the application so that all messages in the diary will be displayed properly. The registration code is calculated from the IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identification - a phone serial number) in your phone. Therefore, you must supply the IMEI number with the purchase. If you dial the sequence *#06# on your phone, then the IMEI number will be displayed.

The SMS Diary costs 10 US$ and there are two ways to buy the application:
1) From an online store called Handango
2) Sending money via PayPal

The Handango Online Shop

To buy the application from the online store Handango, you shall follow these simple steps:
1) Go to the Handango site by clicking on this link: Handango
2) At the Handango site, select your phone model by "Adding a device".
3) Search for SMS Diary application in the search field.
4) As you have found the application, it is easy to proceed and buy it.

Note that the registration code that you get when you buy the application from Handango also works for the application that you can download from my site. So if you already have installed the application on your phone, then you only need to get the registration code from Handango and you need not install the application again.

Sending money via PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest Internet Banks and all money transactions are 100% secure. All common credit cards are accepted. You can read more about PayPal on the PayPal web site www.paypal.com.

Enter the IMEI number of your phone and click on the "Continue to PayPal"-button to finalize the payment at PayPal. The price is 10 US$.

Enter your IMEI number:
Please note that when you buy the registration code by sending money via PayPal, then I must manually create the registration code for you. Therefore you will not receive the code immediately and it may take a couple of hours before you get it.