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Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to install the application I get a message saying that "the security check of the application failed"?
You may get this problem if you have an old installation file (which may happen if you have downloaded the installation file from another site than mine). Just ensure that you have the latest version (which can be downloaded from this site).

When I try to install the application I get a message saying that the certificate is invalid?
This problem can happen on the latest Nokia phones. You must configure your phone to accept applications that have not been "signed". Go to the
Application Manager/settings/ and enable 'all' as opposed to 'signed certificates'.

Does SMS Diary delete my SMS messages in the phone?
Absolutely not. The SMS Diary application will only read the messages and create the diary out of them. No messages will be deleted.

Does SMS diary support all international characters?
Yes it does. As long as you have a web browser that supports all the characters and you have proper fonts installed, then your diary web pages will look alright.

Where are the diary web pages stored?
This depends on what type of phone you have and if you have your memory card inserted. If you have a UIQ2.x phone and the memory card is inserted then the pages are saved in the folder:
d:\ media files\SMSDiary\
otherwise the folder
c:\documents\media files\SMSDiary\
For UIQ3.x phones with memory card inserted:
d:\media files\SMSDiary\
otherwise the folder
c:\media files\SMSDiary\
For S60 phones with memory card is inserted:
otherwise the folder

How do I buy a registered version of SMS Diary?
On this page you will find all information you need.

When I press the "Read diary" button, then nothing happens???
This is most likely because you have a Nokia S60 3rd edition phone. If the WEB browser is already started, then the web browser can not be opened from third party software. Ensure that the web browser is closed before you press the "Read diary" button and it will most likely work just fine. For interested readers there is a thread at forum Nokia that discusses this topic. Press this link for more info.